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Share your family tree and photos with the people you know and love. Build your family tree online ; Share photos and videos Wegener, Else, 1892-1992 Wegener, E. Wegener, E., 18..-19.. Wegener, Else (Else) Wegener, Else Else Wegener Wegener-Köppen, Else VIAF ID: 211486378 (Personal) 2019-05-15 · Alfred Wegener (November 1, 1880–November 1930) was a German meteorologist and geophysicist who developed the first theory of continental drift and formulated the idea that a supercontinent known as Pangaea existed on the Earth millions of years ago. Wegener, Alfred.

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dog frog. Sparad av Melanie Wegener Truth be told, something else has been keeping me busy over the past couple of weekends that did not involve baking. Paul Wegener's 'Der Golem' is nonetheless a critical cornerstone in the foun… need of design, illustration, photography, fashion and of all else art-related. Justin Garcia, Ashton Rotman, and Scott Wegener team up to talk about the latest happenings in sports, pop culture, and anything else that pops up.

This subreddit is for the Amazon TV show The Man In The High Castle. 13 Aug 1998 Wegener proposed that the continents plowed through crust of ocean This meant that either the plates were moving, or else the north pole  histologically identical to those seen in Wegener's granulomatosis, with absent or minorlesions else- where, who did not go on to develop renal disease.

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Sorting Year. 1900. Kennel. Else Wegener is the author of Greenland journey (4.00 avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published 1939) Else Wegener liebte nie die großen repräsentativen Ereignisse, in denen sie im Mittelpunkt stand. Sie liebte die Leistungen der Wissenschaft, und der Ruhm galt für sie in erster Linie ihrem Mann. Um sein Werk der Nachwelt zu erhalten, engagierte sie sich.

Elsa Hulda Schultz (born Wegener) was born on month day 1893, at birth place, to Carl Adolph Franz Wegener and Emma Maria Wegener (born Schulz). Carl was born on September 16 1858, in Blumberg, South Australia, Australia.
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1980 HANS J. WEGNER (1914-2007) Many people consider Wegner to be the uncrowned king of modern Danish furniture design. Having trained as a joiner, Wegner succeeded better than anyone else in uniting craftsmanship of the very highest class with sculptural and functional design. Wegner also played a key role in making Danish Design famous worldwide – from Wegner missed the close collaboration with Johannes Hansen and the environment of a workshop in which to develop his Ideas.
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Dr.Fritz Loewe Else Wegener. VEB Brockhaus.

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Gottfried was born on December 20 1880, in Treptow an der Tollense (Altentreptow). Wilhemine was born on June 24 1882, in … Voß, J. (1992): In memoriam Else Wegener , Polarforschung, Bremerhaven, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research & German Society of Polar Research, 61 (2/3), pp. 183-184 . Else Wegener (1892-1992) was the daughter of W ladimir Köp- pen (1846—1940) and the wife of Alfred Wegener (1880-1930). Milutin Milankovié (1879-1958) had a very close collaboration with Wladimir Köppen and Alfred Wegener. „Greenland journey" The story of Wegener Edited by Else Wegener C. A. BJERKNES DR. V, BJERKNES ELSE VERLAG JULIUS Elsa Ida Selma Wegener (born Leisegang) was born in 1895, at birth place, to Ida Adele Hedwig Leisegang (born Tischatzky).

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John Biram, translator. Mineola, New York: Dover Publications, 1966. Wegener, Else, editor. Greenland Journey: The Story of Wegener German Expedition in 1930-31, as told by members of the exposition and the leader's diary. Wegener, Else, ed. (1939) Greenland journey, La historia de la expedición de Wegener German a Greenland en 1930-31 está contada por los miembros de la expedición; (Editado por Else Wegener, con la ayuda del Dr. Fritz Loewe.

2018-11-16 · Alfred Wegener, German meteorologist and geophysicist who formulated the first complete statement of the continental drift hypothesis. His theory was rejected by most geologists during his lifetime but was resurrected and made a central feature of modern geology as part of the theory of plate tectonics in the 1960s. Gerda Wegener brugte, fra ægteskabets start, hyppigt Lili Elbe/Einar Wegener som model for hendes kvindeportrætter. Den unge Einar følte sig godt tilpas i rollen som kvinde og begyndte herefter at optræde offentligt i kjoler og at præsentere sig under navnet Lili Elbe.